Go! Uni-Advertising - Six Right Choices for your University Marketing

There are more than 18 million young people studying at over 3600 universities and colleges throughout Europe. Even more people are graduated. As alumni they fulfill important roles in our society. These people are attractive for companies as target group for their marketing activities. Not only as customers and clients for products, services or post-academic activities, but as well as future employees.


To connect to these groups more possibilities arise every day, like new vendors, media and other ways of communicating. Not to mention changes in the university system, new studies and degrees. This means an ever increasing complexity regarding university marketing. And this creates the need for a specialized consulting service that is competent in dealing with more than one single issue at the same time.


Since 1989 Go! Uni-Advertising Ltd. offers specialized marketing consulting services aimed at universities and colleges throughout Europe. On this website you can find a summary of six departments in which the expertise of our employees is at your disposal. Furthermore you can easily determine which of our consultants is suited to help you.


Take advantage from expertise, experience and of course the network that Go! Uni-Advertising Ltd. build over many years. You can be present at universities at short time notice or build a well planned campaign. You can only gain with help of a consultant that objectively assesses your market chances and save time in planning future activities.

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