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Go! Uni-Werbung AG
Fürstenlandstr. 35
9000 St. Gallen
+41 71 244 10 10


Are you the publisher of a university publication e.g., a student magazine or an alumni magazine? Do you organize different events or implement different projects in universities in the whole of Europe? Or do you manage a student website?



Besides performing your versatile, creative and demanding work, are you also pre-occupied with time-consuming tasks such as e.g., acquisition of insertions, order system or finding sponsors?



Go! Uni-Advertising Ltd. is a consulting agency specialising in advertising in universities and universities in entire Europe.



Long-standing experience in university marketing and daily contact with companies, universities and student bodies enable us to represent your interests on the basis of your requirements, and thus to exhaust the maximum possible potentials.



Irrespective of whether the aim is to reduce cost and time, or create financial elbow space.



Our portfolio includes the professional acquisition of advertising customers for university magazines just as it also includes getting sponsors, promoting your events or handing your projects.



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