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Go! Uni-Werbung AG
Fürstenlandstr. 35
9000 St. Gallen
+41 71 244 10 10



You can hit the vital nerve of Switzerland with the classical advertising medium of the poster. Your poster is displayed on all black boards of the universities and technical universities.



On-site student employees hang your posters and replace them regularly wherever necessary. Your message receives maximum attention because the black boards are accessible to all. Companies place job ads, event invitations or image posters. Students place their accommodation and coaching offers.



Go! Uni-Direct does not only display your posters at the right places, it also places them before the correct faculty in the correct building.



Our services

Consulting dialogue
Recommendation in the selection of the right locations
Contact with on-site student employees
Printing of the posters and flyers (optional)
Dispatch of the posters to the corresponding locations/persons
Poster display for two weeks
Daily check for two weeks
Less control, more posters (optional)
Additional distribution of flyers
Written final report with photos

Your advantages

Your posters at most frequented places
Detailed selection of target group possible
Guaranteed display duration of two weeks
Very good price/performance ratio
Free selection of dates


Go! Uni-Direct

Phone: +41 (0)71 544 44 70

Email: direct(at) 

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