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Go! Uni-Werbung AG
Fürstenlandstr. 35
9000 St. Gallen
+41 71 244 10 10


Publisher of media for students

A few students associate themselves with the publication of a magazine, manage a student website or organize different events even while they are studying. Are you looking for a marketing agency? We would be glad to support you.


Do you have a talent for something? Then we are looking just for you. Find out more about out job offers in the carreers section.


We launched the ‘SCROGGIN – swiss student pack’ in 2007. An astonishing package for students in Switzerland!


Meanwhile, more milestones have been added and today, in addition to the mentioned package, our portfolio includes the career magazine ‘SCROGGIN-career’.


You are not yet registered, but want to have this astonishing package along with the career magazine? Please register yourself at

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