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Go! Uni-Werbung AG
Fürstenlandstr. 35
9000 St. Gallen
+41 71 244 10 10


Go! Uni-Consulting

Companies have many ways of advertising at their disposal to attain their goals resulting in unique and individual strategies.


In order to generate lasting results, you need to be aware of each and every single aspect of your university marketing. Only when you are able to identify key-universities, you can not only be effective but also efficient in attaining your goals at the right place.


Focus on the specific marketing channels in order to establish an effective communication with your target group.


Benefit working with competent and results oriented people that work according to your needs and wishes. Make and implement effective plans for university marketing together with your consultant.


Go! Uni-Direct

Get to the students head on!


Making contact with your target group needs to be personal, direct and in a way that students understand. Go! Uni-Direct has supporter at every university, making it possible to contact students directly with new and dynamic advertising channels.


You can use these opportunities and get noticed by students on a daily basis. By placing adds on notebooks, being on campus with sampling or posters or at home with learning cards.


Use these flexible advertising tools and generate positive attention at universities for yourself.


Go! Uni-Events

Career events are means to get to know your future employees in person.


It takes a lot time to prepare for these events. This applies to administrational matters as well as logistics.


You can use our expertise and tools to find suitable events to attend. You decide how. Outsource the event completely or just some aspects. Save your energy for the event itself by leaving the preparations to us.


Our consultants will take care of them in a systematical and organized manner.


Go! Uni-Interactive

The internet expanding on daily basis means more websites specialized in university marketing.


Whether you want to place job advertisements or events, it is hard to get noticed and one needs to be present at specific

sites with information that captures your target group. Go! Uni-Interactive can put you where you need to be on the internet.


It helps you to find sites that are relevant for your job advertisements or company profiles. Not only can you plan e-mail or newsletter campaigns but also resort to online recruiting tools at student websites that matter most for you.



Go! Uni-Printmedia

Advertisement placed in those media that reach your target group get one noticed.


Universities, students organizations and publishers recognize our expertise. That is why they put us exclusively in charge of their advertisement space in various publications.


Through magazines that belong to the best in their respective fields, universities, students and alumni are at your disposal.


Whether you want to promote new products and services or hire new talents, contact your target group with Go! Uni-Printmedia, easy and simple.


Go! Uni-Specials

Exceptional ideas need creativity in order to work.


Although many ideas appear every day, history has shown that only a few reach the heart and minds of customers.


When you want to get noticed at universities and colleges, we offer unorthodox and creative solutions.


With the expertise of Go! Uni-Specials you can find solutions in advertisement that are rare to find.

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