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The magazine

uniscope – the magazine of the University of Lausanne is published nine times per annum and each edition has a minimum circulation of 9,000 copies.


At the Lausanne University, uniscope performs the task of communicating the role of the technical university community, the function and uses of the university to the outside world.


It targets students and graduates of the Lausanne University, but also its lecturers and employees.


The University Lausanne

The University of Lausanne is characterized by many things. On the one hand an international atmosphere. One-fifth of the students and one third of the lecturers come from abroad. On the other hand its leading technology. In labors provided with the newest technologies is executed excellent research work. And last, but not least an extraordinaire situation on the coast of the Lake Geneva in the middle of spacious green area.



Furthermore, three unique faculties in Switzerland are domiciled at the university: Law and criminal sciences, biology and medicine (FBM) as well as geo and environmental sciences (GSE).



• Theological and Religion-scientific Faculty

• Right-scientific and criminal-scientific Faculty

• Humanitarian-scientific Faculty

• Social-scientific and policy-scientific Faculty (SSP)

• Economical Faculty (HEC)

• Geoscientific and environment-scientific Faculty (GSE)

• Biological and medical Faculty (FBM)

• Pharmacy


Dates of Publications

Frequency  10x per annum 

Issue  Date of publication  Deadline  
jan 17 30.01.17 29.11.16 
feb 17 27.02.17 24.01.17 
mrz 17 27.03.17 21.02.17 
apr 17 24.04.17 21.03.17 
mai 17 22.05.17 18.04.17 
jun 17 19.06.17 16.05.17 
sep 17 04.09.17 03.08.17 
okt 17 02.10.17 29.08.17 
okt 17 30.10.17 26.09.17 
nov 17 27.11.17 24.10.17 


Service  Type area  Price 2017 
1/1 page (4c) 
182 x 240 mm 

Technical Specifications

Number of Copies 9'000 
Handle Format 210 x 280 mm 
Type Area 282 x 240 mm 
Printing Process Offset 
Printing Document With order a separate instruction leaflet is served. 
Resolution 40 


2 issues 5% 
3 issues 7.5% 
5 issues  10% 
8 issues  15% 
10 issues  20% 

Download the order form as a PDF. So you get all information on one sheet.

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