University Marketing

Go! Uni-Advertising Ltd.

University marketing that appeals to your target group locally, nationally or throughout Europe, that optimally includes all sensible communication measures, that adheres to your advertising budget, that reaches your target group without wastage and that is a lot of fun, this is easily possible thanks to the experienced specialists at Go! Uni-Advertising.

What kind of university marketing do you want to use to reach young people? 20 million students and graduates form an attractive target group for your organisation – on the one hand as potential employees, on the other hand as customers of services, products or educational offers.


The options in the world of university marketing or university advertising are becoming increasingly diverse and colourful. In addition to classic and mobile advertising, creative projects and unusual advertising ideas are becoming more important.

Go! Uni-Advertising offers you the services of an expert, a media agency and an outsourcing partner in the sense of a general contractor out of one hand. As support for individual projects as well as a year-round partner to complement your team.

View the versatile range of offers, select the appropriate services and let the team of Go! Uni-Advertising accompany you efficiently.

For companies

Students and graduates are your main or secondary target group? Don’t hesitate and inspire young people with Go! University- Advertising. They are waiting to buy your product or service as well as to enrich your company as employees. Convince yourself of projects from practice.

For companies

Would you like to offer pupils or students the opportunity to study with you? Realise your individual ideas with a diverse selection of services and win over young people. Find out here how other universities have reached their target group.


For agencies

Do you look after a client who is interested in promotional materials in the higher education sector? Exceed your client’s expectations and provide them with the ideal solution by choosing your offer from a Europe-wide network. Get an overview of different campaigns and put your client in the best light.