Personal HSG room

Personal HSG room

In the subconscious of the target group

A brand that is perceived several times a day makes the leap into the subconscious. And if this perception is linked to positive emotions as a potential employer, then employer branding is top class.

There are few opportunities at colleges and universities to present themselves in such a positive way in the long term at affordable conditions.



For some of our clients, such as Accentue, Glencore, ifb, KPMG, Die Post, SAP, Swisscom or Unilever, we have successfully implemented the concept of room sponsorships at the University of St. Gallen. This involves innovative companies taking on “room sponsorships” for several years for heavily used seminar rooms or group workrooms. These room sponsorships make it possible to present oneself as a positive employer in the long term and to positively anchor one’s own employer brand in the subconscious of the target group on a daily basis.

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