Project Outsourcing

We at Go! Uni-Advertising believe that by outsourcing operational, repetitive tasks to Go! you will get more resources for your university marketing.

Project Outsourcing

Unusual and new ideas attract the attention of young people. Go against the flow and surprise your target group with creative projects. Satisfied students are the past, enthusiastic students the future. Let your imagination and creativity run wild.Deviate from the standard and stand out from the competition.

Bringing everything under one hat – from the extraordinary idea to the finished product – is very demanding. Save time and get support for the implementation of your new project.

Go! Uni-Advertising makes the impossible possible. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a project from A to Z or a small sub-project – one of the strengths of Go! Uni-Advertising lies in the comprehensive advice and the efficient and creative implementation of the projects.

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