Happy soldiers thanks to the Bell snackpack

Happy soldiers thanks to the Bell Snackpack

Free food thanks to mobile ads

To provide recruits in Switzerland with a free snack pack – that was the goal of zipmedia’s client. With a multichannel campaign, the client Bell Ltd lured soldiers to a microsite where recruits could register with a humorous selfie. Through a vote, numerous, lucky winners secured themselves a tasty meal.


In order to get the recruits to the registration microsite in the first place, Go! Uni- Advertising set up a mobile campaign. For campaigns using the Geotargads service, you have to know exactly where your target group is. You can forget about booking ads using selected apps, keywords or websites. Today you book ads based on location. Bell Ltd’s goal was to distribute free snack packs. Thanks to these packs, soldiers enjoyed the delicious food of Bell Ltd. For the placement of the banners, Go! Uni-Advertising, in consultation with the zipmedia agency, selected all barracks in Switzerland, since recruits spend most of their time there.

With expressive banners in four different sizes, an exact list of locations and a restriction of the time period, Bell Ltd reached its target group in an efficient way. The result of this campaign was an increase in registered recruits.


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