Employer Branding

We at Go! Uni-Advertising believe that having a strong employer brand will help you stand out and attract talent to your workplace.

 Employer Branding


Distinctive branding and a strong personality are the flagship of a successful company. A clearly defined employer brand makes you sustainably attractive as an employer. Enough with the pretty image ads – now it’s much more about your employer branding, which clearly defines you internally and externally, as well as improving your image.

Forget boring corporate language and move your target group with your stories. Increase your employer quality and take a decisive place in competitiveness. Use the various advertising channels of Go! Uni-Advertising and improve your employer branding.

Benefit from many years of experience in the higher education sector, from a Europe-wide network, and from intensive contact with your target group. Make your strengths and special features clear and thus reach young people.

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