Event & Fair Trade Management

Young talents are important for the future of your organisation.

Event- und Messemanagement

Events and fairs are temporary events that allow intimate and personal communication with the target group. This marketing measure gives you the opportunity to talk face to face with young people. Take advantage of this intensive exchange of information.

In order to be able to concentrate completely on your appearance, simplify your event and trade fair planning by handing over your organisational efforts to Go! Uni-Advertising. Your time is valuable – let us relieve you and concentrate on your event or trade fair day. You no longer have to worry about appointments and benefit from an additional choice of presence and communication options.

There is hardly any other marketing tool that involves such time-consuming and organisational efforts as an event or a trade fair. Go! Uni-Advertising takes over the complete handling of your event or trade fair appearances. Select the areas in which you would like to relieve yourself. Use the extra time you gain for your recruitment.

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