Profit with the TKB Youth Savings Account

It is no secret that young people use smartphones and tablets all the time and everywhere. This is precisely why the Thurgauer Kantonalbank decided to launch a mobile campaign. With eye-catching banners and a meaningful text, the bank convinced young people of its offer.


For campaigns using the Geotargads service, you need to know exactly where your target group is. You can forget about booking ads using selected apps, keywords or websites. Today, you book ads based on location. The goal of the Thurgauer Kantonalbank was to spread the word about the Youth Savings Account. Thanks to this account, young people have many privileges, such as going to the cinema for free, which they can enjoy. For the placement of the banners, Go! Uni-Advertising, with the agreement of TKB, selected all schools and outdoor swimming pools in the canton of Thurgau. As is well known, most young people spend their free time in the summer at the swimming pools.

With expressive banners in four different sizes, a precise list of locations and a restriction of the time period, the Thurgauer Kantonalbank reached its target group in an efficient way. The result of this campaign was an increase in the number of contracts signed for the youth savings account.


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