Job factory

We at Go! Uni-Advertising believe that the right students or graduates bring a breath of fresh air to your business.

Job factory

It is hard to imagine a business without the right talent. Your team is qualified and also functions interpersonally among each other. Your work processes run smoothly. Now you have a trainee position, an internship or an entry-level position available and want to fill it optimally. But how can you find the right students or graduates as quickly as possible?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find efficient and committed employees. In addition, the search for personnel consumes a lot of time and usually has to be done quickly. Many companies lack the time for proper personnel work. Therefore, save your time on time-consuming personnel searches and hand over this bureaucracy to Go! Uni-Advertising. With little effort, your recruitment of students will become easier.

Go! Uni-Advertising Ltd. supports you in the recruitment process. Thanks to our efficient cooperation with various student portals and our many years of experience in the university sector, your job advertisement will be placed on the portals you have selected. Among other things, you will not have to sort out unqualified students. You will receive from Go! Uni-Advertising only selected dossiers of candidates who will help your company move forward. Go! Uni-Advertising writes a rejection letter directly to the unsuitable applicants.

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