On the move with your target group thanks to key finds

On the move with your target group thanks to key finds

Loyal accompaniment of your target group

Since the target group of the University of Teacher Education St. Gallen is very heterogeneous due to the different courses and the various stakeholders, the choice of suitable marketing measures was a challenge.

As an external partner, Go! Uni-Advertising was commissioned to review the existing activities and introduce new, sustainable ideas. In the end, the university opted for key found brands.



The starting point for the idea of “Key Fund Brands” is a new sustainable give-away with a long-term effect. Go! Uni-Advertising has set up its own key-fund service for the PHSG, where the customer hands in branded key-fund tokens as a giveaway in their target group. Go! Uni-Advertising programmed and maintains the website for the service, produces the lost and found tokens and handles the entire lost and found service for the PHSG.

The lost-and-found token hangs on the key ring of people in the target group for a period of three years and thus enables contact with the university’s brand several times a day at extremely favourable contact prices.


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