Attractive university media mix

Attractive university media mix

At eye level with the target group

Whether with eye-catching posters, informative advertisements in student magazines or still banners on student portals: The Federal Personnel Office in Bern draws students’ attention to your career fairs at universities in various ways. Their aim is to convince young people in person at the fairs and give them an insight into the company. No medium can replace live person-to-person contact.


In order to meet the media deadlines as well as the client’s budget, Go! Uni-Advertising  develops a customised media and production plan. This gives the EPO an overview of the entire campaign. External part-time student employees hang the posters on the desired notice boards on schedule and check them daily. In return, long-standing media partners of Go! Uni-Advertising place the advertisements on the best possible pages. In this way, the Federal Personnel Office attracts your target group and convinces them personally of your concept.

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