Media and Budget planning

We at Go! Uni-Advertising believe we have the knowledge, network and services to offer you the ideal planning.

Media and Budget planning

Tailor-made media and budget planning leads you exactly to your target group. You reach your students without detours and wasted coverage. Your potential is exploited in a results-oriented manner. Thanks to the right mix of different media carriers, you will meet your objectives and stay within your budget. You have the opportunity to convince your target group with online as well as offline media.


The internet is constantly growing, and so is the number of student portals. Do you prefer the online world and want to reach young people digitally? Without an Internet presence, it is difficult to achieve the desired attention today. Therefore, don’t wait any longer and arouse the interest of students. Place job offers, event announcements, company profiles or PR articles on the desired portal. Plan email or newsletter campaigns. Reach your target group with mobile ads, at locations you choose – mobile advertising depending on the desired environment.


Despite the growth of the digital world, they prefer the traditional way with print advertising. In print, there are various ways to reach the target group, like pages in a magazine. In various interviews, it was found that most people still value the feeling of manageability – so do students. Assign your advertisement the ideal place in the desired student magazine or newspaper. Design a creative and impressive poster and hang it in the universities where your target group is.


With its many years of knowledge and the network it has built up, Go! Uni-Advertising connects customers and their students. It is up to you which media genres you would like to use to reach your students.

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