We at Go! Uni-Advertising believe that with personal samples you will inspire and convince students.


Personal and surprising samplings hit your target group right in the heart. This measure puts your product directly into the hands of the students. The young people have the opportunity to test your product free of charge and to get to know your brand. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Make your product come alive in your own way and appeal to as many senses as possible at once. It has been proven that the effect of such special actions remains in people’s memory much more sustainably than a campaign with classic advertising media. Your target group thus deviates from the so-called tunnel vision and expands your field of vision.

Go! Uni-Advertising takes over your campaign from the complete organisation to the execution. Take advantage of the no-obligation consultation and start planning your campaign. Don’t hesitate for long and put your product in the limelight at universities and colleges.

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