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We at Go! Uni-Advertising believe that a team of your professionals and ours are the efficient units for your client’s university marketing.

For agencies


On the one hand, looking after a customer is interesting and varied, on the other hand, the aim is to exceed the needs of the counterpart. If your client has a burning interest in students or graduates, Go! Uni-Advertising will be happy to help.

With an expertise and experience of more than 25 years, a Europe-wide network and an impeccable cooperation with media partners, nothing stands in the way of a tailor-made solution for your client’s university campaign. Below you will find an insight of the agencies that have convinced their client in various ways.

Best Practices

High presence in the Italian city of Pisa

The German agency Campus-Service is the market leader in the field of ambient media at universities in Germany and always inspires its clients with efficient and creative solution ideas. For the client Fraunhofer Institute, they handled a poster campaign via Go! Uni-Advertising at various universities in Italy.

Campus-Service’s client regularly offers various jobs for students throughout Europe. He reached the young talents of the Italian city of Pisa with a 3-day promotion, which was additionally supported by a poster campaign, Facebook posts and a newsletter.


Happy soldiers thanks to Bell Snackpack

The Zurich-based media agency zipmedia is committed to the Swiss market. Customer satisfaction and successful projects are the focus of the zipmedia team. Their client Bell AG, one of the leading meat and convenience processors in Europe, launched free food sacks to inspire recruits throughout Switzerland.

What service is better suited for this than one where you can define the location? None. Go! Uni-Advertising enabled zipmedia’s client to run a successful mobile campaign.



The media agency Mediacom is considered a leading agency worldwide. With the motto People First, it ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. For Credit Suisse, they handled a nationwide print campaign via Go! Uni-Advertising.

Thanks to uncomplicated cooperation and a great ad by Credit Suisse, the students flipped through the pages of the university magazine with curiosity.




The proof of the pudding is in the eating

Unilever, a company based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, attaches great importance to sustainability, because this is the only way to achieve long-term growth. When their client Lipton launched a new tasty tea, it was clear to them: the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

The test subjects of the new tea were young people. With a great refreshment, the external promotion team of Go! Uni-Advertising convinced the students and encouraged them to try it on hot summer days.


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