High presence in the Italian city of Pisa

High presence in the Italian city of Pisa

Italian students are in demand

To employ Italian students from the city of Pisa in their company – that was the goal of Fraunhofer, the client of the Campus-Service agency. The experts at Fraunhofer decided to reach their target group in a personal, as well as a classical way. Thanks to the Italian promotion team, a high contact rate was achieved in Pisa. The Fraunhofer message reached the young people directly on the spot. Informative posters, a newsletter and clear Facebook posts by ambassadors further supported the promotion.


Through the international network of Go! Uni-Advertising, the campaign ran smoothly. The multi-stage campaign of Campus-Service’s client was carried out on schedule. The message reached the Italian university and its students safely and in a target-oriented manner. The perfect mix of communication measures enthused the students of the university in Pisa.

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