For universities

We at Go! Uni-Advertising believe in accompanying you on the path to giving students a concrete future.

For universities


It doesn’t matter whether your university is planning a campaign for a subject or a degree programme. Your goal is to convince young people to do their studies with you. Pupils and students are always more inquisitive and interested in different fields of study at the same time. Make this path easier for prospective students and take the difficult decision away from them by reaching out to them and winning them over with efficient and well thought-out higher education campaigns.

Best Practices

Reaching the goal with classic advertising

The Universita della Svizzera Italiana, or USI for short, enables 2,900 young people from more than 100 countries to study with them. The university also offers a wide range of Master’s programmes.

For many years, USI has been using classic communication measures throughout Switzerland and in northern Italy to invite its target group to visit them on Master’s Information Day and thus gain an insight into what goes on at the university.


On the move with your target group thanks to key finds

The University of Teacher Education St. Gallen comprises 4 locations in Eastern Switzerland and trains 1,200 students to become teachers. The university reached its target group in an extraordinary way.

Key find brands are the secret recipe of the PH St. Gallen. With this advertising idea, they are constantly on the move with the young people. If the key gets lost – no problem. The honest finder throws the bunch of keys in the post box and the university takes care of sending it back.


eye-catching posters on central notice boards

Switzerland’s youngest university, the University of Lucerne, consists of 4 faculties and accompanies more than 2,800 young people to their degree. For years, the university has been focusing on the Master in Health Sciences, which you draw attention to annually with poster advertising.

Although poster advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising, it is still popular. The pink-coloured poster of the University of Lucerne always hangs on centrally located notice boards in the entrance area or next to the refectory and can hardly be missed.




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