For companies

We at Go! Uni-Advertising believe in the success of our customers and in a long-term cooperation.

For companies


Whether you work in an SME or in a large corporation does not play a decisive role. Neither does the size of the campaign. The goal is to inspire customers with creative solutions, to reach your target group without wastage and to build a long-term business relationship. With trendy communication measures, companies show themselves from their best side.

Best Practices

Do you have any plans this afternoon?

A leading global pharmaceutical company trains over 390 young people in 14 different professions. For this reason, it is all the more important for this company to be regularly present among students and to grab their attention.

In addition to trade fairs and mobile advertising, Go! Uni-Advertising developed an innovative live billboard. With this creative advertising idea, the large corporation inspired numerous students at the FHNW in Basel.


Free to the cinema

Thurgauer Kantonalbank attaches great importance to an authentic appearance. For this reason, the bank is appreciated by around 180,000 customers, including young people.

TKB’s goal was to spread the word about the youth savings account. With the mobile service Geotargads, they convinced the young people who were in open-air swimming pools or schools.


personal HSG room

Swisscom Ltd is one of the leading Swiss telecommunication companies that always promotes special offers for young people.

Unlike its competitors, Swisscom does not attract students’ attention with classic advertising, but with a room at the HSG decorated according to your wishes. Decorated with colours that stand for the telecommunications company, Swisscom accessories and other details, it enchants the students at the University of St.Gallen.


attractive university media mix

The Federal Office of Personnel is committed to forward-looking human resources management, which works thanks to smooth cooperation between human resources professionals from the federal administration. As young people are very interesting for the personnel office, it focuses on personal contact at fairs in the university sector.

With nationwide poster campaigns, advertisements in university magazines and banners on student portals, they remind students of its fairs.


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