Do you have any plans this afternoon

Do you have any plans this afternoon?

Imagine the billboard talking to you….

Students on their way to lecture are approached from a digital billboard. A friendly female researcher speaks live from the lab to the surprised people and spontaneously invites them to visit the company.

What follows is best seen for yourself in the Youtube video of the same name, which has since gone viral and is unstoppable on the web.



For this project, our client from the pharmaceutical industry approached us with a concrete idea. The Go! Uni-Advertising team was responsible for the technical implementation of the project and, in a first phase, dealt with the requirements for technical feasibility and developed the technical concept for the talking poster pillar.

The second phase was about full-HD connections (video & audio) for a real-time video transmission between the laboratory at the client’s location and the talking billboard at the university of applied sciences. The trade fair service department developed a talking billboard with give-aways (remote triggering included) using existing elements of the client’s trade fair stand. Before going live, intensive testing completed this phase.

For the shooting day itself, Go! Uni-Advertising provided stand construction and technology and thus enabled the implementation of the project idea desired by the client.


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